Lizzie and Roddy are such a cute couple, don’t you think? Their day is graceful as can be, from the bouquet to the ballet at their evening reception… I absolutely love this and know you will too.




“My wedding dress was the only wedding dress that I really liked the second I saw it on the hanger. A lot of the dresses I tried before I tried on to see what it will look like and to keep an open mind as I was giving various dresses a chance. It was love at first sight with my Katya Katya Shehurina Rosa Dress and I was just so excited to try it on. I was also absolutely sure that that dress is one of a kind and I have never seen a similar dress in other bridal shops or magazines.

However, I am a very cautious person (I am an accountant!) so I do not really make rushed decisions. This means that I needed to try on my dress a number of times before I bought it– the Katya Katya Shehurina boutique remained very patient with me until I was finally able to place an order when my mum flew in from abroad a few months after I found the dress.

The second best thing about Katya’s dresses (after them being absolutely stunning) is that you can get to actually meet the designer of your dress. A lot of other boutiques make a big deal about the designer of your dress, yet you never get to see him/her. I was lucky enough to have Katya take my measurements, and be present at my fittings. Truly a personal service and one of a kind!

Our theme was Brussian (British-Russian) fun in the English countryside. We used birch as a symbol of Russia and dusky pink roses as a symbol of England, with ivory peonies in the bouquet too. My mother in law also told me not to hold back on flowers and it was a great wedding tip! Gill from Flowerthyme was really helpful in all the little questions I had and was the most efficient supplier in getting back to you and executing every little detail I have thought of!